2005-06-15 - 3:30 p.m.

Day after Surgery
Today is June 15th and it is 2125 hrs. Let me fill you in on what has happened. Yesterday I arrived at the hospital at 1030am. The nurse came and got me at the admitting room and took me back into my little cubicle to get changed into a gown and into the bed. They got me all set up with an IV and then took some blood work. The gave me an injection of Heprin which is a blood thinner, this is to help prevent blood clots during and after the surgery. My surgery was supposed to take place at 12:45 but apparently the surgery before me took a little longer then expected and they had a few complications. At 1430-1440 they prepared me for surgery by giving me a few medications that made me a little light headed dizzy and tired. It took all of 30 seconds for it to work. Apparently I had said something as they were wheeling me out and down the hall that had the entire nurse’s station in stitches. Something to do with the fact that at least I was going to get some sleep and not have to worry about THE MAN snoring.

I remember them wheeling me down the hall around a few corners and into the operating room. They had me slide over from my stretcher onto the operating table. I got comfortable with my arms stretched out on the arm supports. I remember feeling how cold the OR was. They put an oxygen mask on me and within about 3 minutes I was out. The surgery took a little less then two hours. I remember being in recovery and hearing a voice calling my name. It was one of the nurses bring me out of my sleep. The intubation tube was already removed. I remember telling them I was hot and hearing the nurses telling each other I was soaking wet from sweating, they put a cold cloth on my head. I remember starting to cry and panicking saying that I felt nauseas. They gave me something to settle my stomach and within a few minutes I was fine. I don’t remember having tooo much pain at that point. I was tooooo out of it still. I still couldn’t open my eyes and my throat was sore. Apparently I was in the Recovery room for 1 hour and then was moved to my private room. My mom, aunt and THE MAN were then brought in to see me. My mom gave me a kiss so did THE MAN and then my mom said she was going to leave and see me in the morning. THE MAN stayed for awhile and then left to go get food and some items from the hotel. He returned and stayed with me for the rest of the evening.

After surgery I was not allowed to drink anything. They did supply me with ice water that I could dip this sponge on a stick into and then use it to wet my lips and inside of my mouth. During the night I was up several times using the toilet and walking the halls. 27 laps around the nurses station is 1 mile so far I have done 33 laps. The nurses are very pleased with my process. Today I got dinner. I got chicken consommé 4 oz and a little thing of jello. I was full and I didn’t eat all the soup. Tomorrow I start on phase 1 diet. Liquids this means I can have consommé soups, yogurt, low fat sugar free pudding, sugar free popsicles, skim milk and protein shakes as long as there are no chunks in it.

As far as pain is concerned, I will not lie it is painful. It isn’t excruciating and for the most part it is controlled with meds. It feels like you are extremely bloated which you are because they fill your abdomen with gas to create room for them to operate and maneuver the tools inside of you while doing the laparoscopic procedure. So the gas get removed but it is impossible for them to remove all of it so you just have to be patient and wait for you body to absorb the gas. This creates pressure just under the breast bone. It also feels like the muscles are really sore as if you have done a million sit- ups.

I will end this entry by saying the surgeon, the staff all staff has been excellent. They are helpful and cheery and perhaps our hospital staff should be coming down to take a few lessons. The hospital here is soooo much better then any hospital I have spent time at in Ontario Canada. Anyways I am in the hospital room and I am getting really tired So I will try to update you tomorrow or the next day. Take care all.
This is me before going into surgery. I was a little nervous but not tooo bad. This is me when I just came out of surgery. It was difficult. I was feeling nauseas and I was extremely hot. And this is me on the 16th. I was being discharged from the hospital. After arriving at the hotel I took a nice shower changed and then went to the mall with my mom and aunt. We did a little walking and then did some groceries came back to the hotel and ate some lunch. I think I am about to go take a little nap. Take care all.

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