2005-12-29 - 11:01 a.m.

I guess you can say Christmas season is over. People have done their fare share of eating and visiting and of course spending money. We have opened gifts and cleaned up the messes it leaves behind. We travelled 9 hours one way and then travelled 10 hours back and spent 10 hours unpacking everything. It sounds like it was a great pain in the ass but all in all it was fun and I was glad to see everyone. I hadn't seen my dad in 8 months and my mom in 6.

Christmas eve we had a huge buffet and company come over to visit during the day and at midnight my dad and THE MAN and I went to midnight mass. My mom had to work nights which she didn't mind it's something she does alot and is still able to keep going on little sleep the next day.

Christmas day was a little different this year. We didn't do the big traditional turkey dinner at home we went Christmas day to a beautiful restaurant on the waterfront for brunch at noon. They had everything there from variuos sea foods, to turkey and the trimmings, to prime rib and ham and anything else you can possibly think of. After our huge meal we returned home to open gifts and relax, the remainder of the day was spent visiting and relaxing and nibbling on the food left over from our huge buffet on Christmas eve.

My Christmas gift list includes lots of clothes, THE MAN bought me MP3 player to have while I am at the gym, clock radio, two movies, clothes. I also got a pair of gold earings from portugal, and a gold charm for my necklace with my initial from portugal. My god mother gave me a paid of beautiful gold earings as well. All in all I would say I was a very lucky girl. At the end of our opening gifts THE MAN spoke up. "Oh you have one more gift from me but it's not something you can open. Because we are so rushed for time and I know you don't get to visit with everyone you want I have arranged with work and your mom to stay 1 extra day" That was the biggest surprise I thought I could get. So the plan was to return to Ottawa on Tuesday instead we returned Wednesday.

Tuesday night we made plans to go out for dinner with my cousin and her husband. Only I was in the dark about everything it was a rouse to get me to a surprise 30th birthday party for me that everyone was in on.

THE MAN has also planned a surprise here for me for New Years Eve but I am not sure what it is. I know we are going out but to do what and go where I have no clue.

Anyways that was my Christmas and the main things that happened.

Lets just say that by the time I got home I had enough NEW clothes and enough handmedown clothes that I was able to totally empty my closet and dresser and start anew.

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