2006-05-17 - 8:48 a.m.

It's been so long
I'm sorry it has been so long since I updated. Lots has been going on and yet I still feel like I haven't had much to contribute on here. SO I figured in the few minutes that I had I would drop a quick line to say hey and let you all know that YES I am still alive.

So what's been going on? you want to know.

Well I finished up the second semester of classes and did extremely well. I had a week off and now I have returned for my final semester of classes. In good news we have placement 4 days a week and classes on the 5th day. We have three classes "Field Seminar" This is where we discuss our placements. "Social Policy and Change" and "Psychosocial Human Sexuality" The sexuality class I got an exemption from so YEAHHH ME.

On the weight loss side I have lost a total of 122lbs. Give or take a few on any given day. I guess it depends on my water retention. Yesturday I was down to 122lbs lost and today I am at 118lbs lost and I know I did not gain that weight so it just all depends on the amount of water I retain and drink. I know I am not drinking nearly enough. That has always been my problem. Anyways I am trying to make a conscious effort to drink more fluids.

More good news I did buy a new summer wardrobe and I am the smallest I have been in a very long time. Since probably the beginning of highschool end of grade school. I am now in a size 16 top which last year at this time I was a size 28 top or a size 4-5X with a 28-30 bottom which is now anywhere between a size 14-18 depending on the style make and cut of the pant. For the most part my pants are either 14-16 but if I wear MXM brand and it does not have stretch it is a size 18.

THE MAN and I are doing great. Our friend lives with us on a part-time basis. She and her boyfriend bought a house in the country where they are both from but it ends up being a long commute everyday so about 3 to 4 days a week she rooms with us. It is nice having some company and it is also nice not having someone live here on a full time basis.

I need to take some new pictures when I do I will definately post them. Anyways I do have to get going. I have to finish getting ready for placement.

Talk to you all later.

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