2006-05-20 - 8:18 p.m.

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How much fun it was today. Actually I half expected to bump into people I knew. Specifically either my ex and his friends or at the very least his friends. I had two choices, do what I have done the past couple years and not go to the gaming convention that is held here in my city every year at this time. Or say to hell with them all and go anyhow. So I picked the to hell with them all and went.

I had a good time and much to my suspicion I did run into two of my ex's friends. One of them didn't have the balls to even acknowledge me but to his defense I don't think he recognized me at first. The second friend actually talked to me. It went something like this He looked at me and then said "Is this chair taken, can I use it?" He looked again and had to think a minute but while I said "Sure" I knew exactly who he was but wasn't making any motion as to actually knowing him. Then he smiled cocked his head and said "Barb" I was like "Yes?" "OMG I didn't recognize you." He moved the chair to where he wanted it then came over to talk to me for a minute. He gave me a brief synopsis of what was going on in his life as if I really cared and I gave him a brief of what was happening with mine. Im sure it will get back to my other friend and my ex but not like I care much.

I then ran into another person I knew from previous years, we were talking and she mentioned how my ex friend told her how my ex and I broke up. I called him a scum sucking bastard. She told me I would get over my ex. This is when I laughed, she looked at me I told her I was long over my ex and that there was nothing to get over with him. But that in fact I was talking about my ex FRIEND. Told her I was still trying to take the knife out of my back. I'm so glad I didn't run into him and so glad he wasn't there. I already know where it would lead if he had approached me and it wouldn't have been pretty. So in case he or any of the others read this which I am certain they do take that as a WARNING.

All in all it was a good day. I feel pretty good about everything and plan on going back tomorrow. THE MAN and I have already pre-registered for a few games. I played two games today and took 2nd place in both of them.

I know I have not posted pics in a while so here you go. These were taken today, I have lost a total of 122 lbs. The weight is a little slower coming off now but atleast I am still losing. So enjoy!

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